New Construction On Fire Inside the Beltway!!

chris-fraley-mclean-virginia-real-estate-logo chris-fraley-mclean-virginia-real-estate-home-4Looking for a brand new house located in prime locations inside the beltway?  Well get in line and be ready to pay a pretty penny.  Searching for a lot/tear down in a good location has become a business within the real estate business.  Multiple letters, direct door knocking with cash offers from builders and investors is the norm these days.  Once the new home is built and listed, multiple offers are on the table, cash offers, sold “as is” the competition is brutle.   Just this past Spring I had negotiated an offer, waiting for the final signatures and a better, all cash offer came in over night-agent didn’t even bother to tell me, just ratified and called it a day.

The way to buy???  Use an agent with the “inside scoop,” familiar with the area and what’s being built so you can get in before the home ever hits the market.  What do I do if I’m not an “inside agent” in a particular area, I team up with one who is, promising to share in the paycheck.  It’s better to please your clients and get them exactly what they’re looking for, than making all the money.